Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yes, UO:R was terrible

Seems as I've been 'out and about' on the internet lately, talking about AOS:R and UO in general, I've been coming across more and more of the 'UO:R old-school' - as I like to term them.

What does this mean? Basically, someone that started UO after UO:R release (summer 2000), got heavily into PvP, and believes that UO:R PvP was the pinnacle of the game and that UO:R could actually qualify as old UO. These tend to be the same people that are so rabidly anti-AOS. Seems as I've discussed many times previously why UO:R was in fact terrible, I'll let someone else do the talking.

I'm quoting a post dated June 25, 2000. From here: http://www.spiderprod.com/tlc/

I'm still looking around desparately for a needle to shove into my eye. With absolute shock and disbelief I watched the housing patch fail miserably. As Osi had to predict what its consumers would do on patch day . . . it was clear they were going to fail miserably. They've never once shown even a miniscule understanding of the mechanics of their consumer's thinkng processes, so why should they start now? For god's sakes, even *I* thought about placing a house (translation castle/keep) in Trammel. That could only mean at least 99.9% of the shard wanted to place, since everyone who knows anything knows I quit this stupid ass, fucked up, idiot-coded piece-of-shit game months ago and could give a flying fucking ass about housing. It's always beautiful when you see a game-wide duping frenzy sweep the shard right before a house placing patch. Although with Trammel farming and people earning 20-25k an hour with no risk whatsoever it's hard to know what rich means anymore. Anyone remember hanging out for hours in Covetous corpser room at 75gp a shot, eyes peeled for the next group of dreadlords sweeping through the dungeons, killing everything in sight? When a giant snake on your ass meant it was time to high-tail it out of Dodge? Of course not. When did anyone have to worry about danger in dungeons? But I digress . . fuck osi. I been trying to get started up a bit on The Damned. If anyone's been keeping score . . . that's Seige, Asheron's Call, and The Damned I've tried in the last few months. I sure seem like a flighty guy, eh? Nope, sorry. Played UO almost every day of my life since Dec 97 and then stopped 100% cold-turkey one day about 3 months ago. Wasn't me, was fucking OSI. Of course, people will continue to tell me the dread lord days were bullshit, no matter how much I wanted to relive them, and stat-loss was a necessary evil. But I seem to remember Covetous in the old days. Walking through the first level . . . 6 people in the harpy room, 3 in the gazer room, 4 in the corpser room and 4 or 5 hunting in between the halls from one area to the other. That's not mentioning the 7 or 8 that were hanging out directly outside of the dungeon and down by Vesper X-road. And then every 15 minutes, like a damn stopwatch, a group of at least 6-10 reds would come through attacking everything in sight. Go to Covetous level 1 nowadays and you'll be butt-fucking lucky if you find 1 guy there. Remember when you used to go to Covetous, see the 7-8 guys hanging around outside and you'd ask, "Any Pk's come through lately?" Inevitably the answer would be . . "about 5 minutes ago there were about 8 mages . . . we're waiting for them to come back now, you want to join?" THAT was a community. And no matter what time of the day or night it was, there were ALWAYS 7-8 people there that otherwise would've never talked to each other if it hadn't been for pk's. Now the game is a bunch of isolated irc channels with 50 different groups of people who all think they're too cool to talk to anyone else, waiting inside their houses for a good opportunity to gang-bang some enemy that was stupid enough to hang at a bank while only 1 or 2 members strong ...BUT OSI HAS 170K ACCOUNTS NOW MAN!!!! Um, where the fuck are they? I haven't seen more than 1/5th the population I used to see every god damn day in YEARS. I don't give a shit if they have more accounts now than they ever had. NO ONE FUCKING PLAYS. You remember the dread days? EVERY DUNGEON WAS PACKED TO THE GILLS! People actually used to play then. Now it's a power hour a day if you're lucky and then the rest of the time its bullshitting on message boards. And anyone that thinks its the player's fault, and not the codes, is a fool. Playstyles are a result of the code. There's enough accounts in UO where the law of large numbers definately applies, and anyone hoping to change human nature is kidding themselves. All I can say is they fucked up one great game. I died 70% of the time to the dreads that came through and I loved every second of it. When's Shadowbane come out again? My GERD is acting up again . . . Ugh, I guess I just have a little Old School Fever. I'm sorry, but 1000 newbies CAN be wrong.

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  1. Haha it's great to read old stuff like this. I felt the same way although I started at the end of the dread days, too early to get a feel for it. Although UO:R would be a great state for OSI to be in compared to what it is now.